To keep your account truly safe, secure and anonymous, we have developed our own multi-layer security system - v-guard, which includes not just security tools, and technologies, but also a set of approaches and business decisions. It is a continuously improving state of the art security system, resulting from extensive studies, researches, discussions and technological implementation.

v-guard features the following components:

PIN code

Set and use a PIN code to access your vone account on multiple devices.

No identity verification

At vone we do not verify your identity in any way, leaving you fully private and anonymous.

Recovery password

vone recovery password is your 2nd layer of protection. It protects your account from being breached. It also helps to recover your PIN code, in case you forget it.

No profile creation

Your vone account does not require you to create a profile, by adding a name or a picture. There is nothing that can give away your identity to any third parties.

Full encryption

Latest encryption technologies are applied for user data, including calls and messages.

No requirement to submit any personal data

vone does not require you to submit your email, your phone number or any other personal data, keeping your identity safe.

Serverless architecture

Serverless architectures use next-generation secure public cloud services, allowing huge flexibility, efficiency and stability in scaling. This results in continuous high quality and cutting-edge security in the services that vone provides.

No ‘active’ statuses and ‘seen’ confirmations

Showing user statuses, when they were last active, when they saw a message allow tracking behavioral patterns, what a person is doing and even their whereabouts. At vone such privacy gaps are excluded.