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A new level in global business communication

vone is a cross-platform business communication system designed to help people in their professional communication. With vone you can forget about all the headache-causing factors you come across in your daily business communication.
Using vone is simple - create your custom vone number and use it to reach and to be reached across the world. To make your business communication complete we provide all the business communication tools, such as text & voice messaging, sharing images, documents and other files, voicemail, as well as HQ voice & video calls and many more to come… all seamless and secure.

Global identity in the global network

As a vone user you get to create your own vone number to be reached worldwide. You can also create different vone numbers for different partners and projects. This becomes a more solid global identity, which is entirely in your hands, works everywhere and is not limited by any countries or regulations.

The best available anonymity & security with v-guard

Our entire team at vone has been part of ensuring that the vone app keeps using the best frameworks available making it safe, secure and anonymous. It took us years of hard work to create v-guard: our state of the art unique security system.

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Blockchain-like system

Inspired by how Blockchain works, we have created a smart decentralized system, where information is synchronized between the user’s different devices, as well as is transferred seamlessly from a user to a user. Our information transfer system allows for a much faster messaging and data exchange between our users, and on the other hand it’s fully encrypted, adding up to its security.

Why vone?

From our daily operations all the way to our very mission we like asking the most important question: why? One of the most important ‘Why’-s is the necessity and the story behind vone and its creation.

vone was founded by multinationals that travel and work in different countries. Naturally within our business travels we all come across the hassle of changing sim cards and phone numbers, losing contacts, becoming unreachable to partners, having limited servicing and high roaming charges. This might have become the usual part of business travel and business life but it’s time for a change. At vone we believe that these problems do not belong in the 21st century and we offer the global solution to them.

With such organic reasons driving us and trying to create an app we’d like to use ourselves, we created a tool for the global business world.


Provide a unique way for individuals to communicate in the professional sphere through one exclusive communication platform.



Creating the top standard for professional communication worldwide.


vone Number

With a vone number you are unique, you are identifiable and you are accessible worldwide. Meanwhile you get a high level of user discretion, i.e. anonymity and privacy in your presence on vone’s global communication platform, where none of your activities online can be followed or traced.


With vone you get high-level security through multiple solutions. Firstly, vone does not require any kind of verification (no email and no phone number), making you fully and truly anonymous. You simply create a secure PIN code and use it to access vone across different devices. Second, all of your vone data is protected with end-to-end encryption, and cannot in any circumstances be accessed and/or decrypted externally.


vone is your unique and exclusive way to communicate with your business partners. With vone you can become identifiable worldwide as a professional, at the same time having a secure and protected identity and account. vone is specifically designed to fulfil the complex business communication needs of the most sophisticated people.
With a vone number you cannot call a standard SIM card / GSM number. With a vone number you gain access to the global network and system of all the professional vone numbers. This means you can make Internet-based international calls to people and companies, who have vone numbers.
You can have as many vone numbers as you need. Your first number comes free of charge. Creating an additional vone number costs a one-time payment of $10.